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Skinartistry has a name for their mascot. After you fine folks made your suggestions, we put it up for a vote, and the result is "Sam". Details of the voting can be seen on the site

A big thanks to Po'Smedley for creating and allowing us to use this for our mascot.

Drop on by and say hello to Sam, he loves the attention!


on Jul 29, 2006
Yea, that's what I voted for. It is also what my family called a tiny turtle shaped island in Hawaii when we lived there decades ago.
on Jul 29, 2006
A big thanks to Po and songs47, plus everyone who came up with the names for the poll. We can't thank you enough, tis greatly appreciated!!  
on Jul 31, 2006
Skin Artistry Mascot - SAM - makes sense....
on Jul 31, 2006
Don't bring green eggs & ham... maybe some gummi worms