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Published on June 28, 2005 By Reppiks In ObjectDock
ObjectDock has been not loading properly for several days now. I have uninstalled, cleaned out the remaining files form the appliction data folder and run a "clean install" several times. Each time the same result, it only gets part way loaded. If you check the TaskManager, you see it there with a memory usage of arount 6,000-6900kbs., but not showing on the desktop. It may not be related, but I noticed this problem after my re-boot when I had finished the update for DesktopX. I miss my ObjectDock!
on Jun 28, 2005
i have exactly the same problem... it keeps freezing once i start it. Alot of reinstalls without any change ...
on Jun 28, 2005
Just an idea Reppiks, did you try to roll back DX3 to an earlier version prior to reinstalling OD? I'm assuming your using OD+.
on Jun 28, 2005
It's SysStats 2.5. The lastest builds of DX3 conflict with SysStats 2.5 on load of OD+.
on Jun 28, 2005
Hmm. Nope. Not DX alone. It appears to be the MCP.

One would think if StarDock is going to charge for OD over and above OD Network subscriptions, they would at least test apps against one another.
on Jun 28, 2005
I haven't tried rolling back DX3, but it's worth a shot, the strange thing is, that my laptop is crusing along with no problems even though I have kept both computers up-dated.
on Jun 28, 2005
Update, I uninstalled DesktopX, unloaded Windowblinds, cleaned out all the leftover files, Installed ObjectDock with no success.

"As he scratches his head and crawls off to the corner to pout."
on Jun 28, 2005
I've got the added problem that the systray in ObjectBar is blank with any version of DX3 installed. Everything was fine until I updated the apps two days ago, now I can't roll them back to make anything work.
on Jun 30, 2005
I found what the problem is. I was experimenting the same problem. I had Windowblinds 4.5, Objectdock 1.05, and IconPackager 2.5. I saw that each program had an update(Windowblinds 4.51, Objectdock 1.11 and IconPackager 3.0), so I updated them. Objectdock stopped working. So I Uninstalled all of them and installed them one by one, first Windowblinds, then restarted my computer. Then I installed Objectdock, and restarted my computer. Objectdock 1.11 and Windowblinds 4.51 where working perfectly. Then I installed Iconpackager 3.0. Objectdock stopped working.I uninstalled Iconpackager, restarted the computer and Objectdock started functioning again.
I then installed Iconpackager 2.5, and Objectdock is working fine. So the culprit is Iconpackager 3.0.
on Jun 30, 2005
Daniel: Excellent call!! We just found this out ourselves earlier this week. Here's the official resposne I'm passing around, for anyone reading this thread.


We've found potential for the latest beta of IconPackager3 to interfere with ObjectDock, causing ObjectDock to not be able to drag, and in some cases not even start up correctly. This will be fixed in the next IconPackager release, but before that happens I have also worked around the interference in the next upcoming ObjectDock release.

In the mean time, you can try unregistering a helper dll IP3 uses, note it may cause a small degree of handicap within IP3 but both programs will continue to work. You'll need to reinstall IP3 to undo this temporary workaround.

From your run dialog, enter this exact command and press enter:

regsvr32 /u "iprepair.dll"

(if it complains about the not finding the exact path of iprepair.dll, search for it on your harddrive and replace that relative dll path with the full path)

Rebooting is necessary after unregistering the file to have ObjectDock resume correct function.

I was able to fully reproduce this problem, so give that a shot and it should help. Let me know how it goes.


-Jeff Bargmann
ObjectDock Developer
on Jun 30, 2005
Jeff, Thanks a lot. That worked just as you described. I will be looking foreward to the updates you mentioned. Stardock/WinCustomize support is second to none!