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Things you need to know
Published on November 11, 2005 By Reppiks In WindowBlinds
You need to uninstall version 4.95 before installing the latest update. In my case, I could not boot up after using StardockCentral updating WindowBlinds in the usual fashion. I had to go into safe mode to uninstall WB5. With a fresh install of WB5 (4.96), no problem.
Once installed correctly, it works like a charm! It just keeps getting better! Thanks Stardock.

on Nov 11, 2005
Not necessarily going to happen that way though. It IS suggested that you uninstall the previous version first, then reboot, then install the new version. This ensures that all files that might be 'stuck' are removed.
on Nov 12, 2005
I like the new integration with the windows "display properties" applet.

But it still hung up on me after my ATI window drivers update without first switching to the window classic style first.

[edit on: 11/12/2005 00:03]
Well, I spoke too soon, the integration with the "display properties" applet seems to have disappeared after I rebooted my machine.